Life is about making other people's lives better - in big ways and small.

Drive-Thru Givers is a group of people who have committed to, at least once a month, pay for the vehicle behind them while at the drive-thru of a restaurant. The sole purpose of this commitment is to make someone else’s day better and hopefully inspire them to make another person’s life better in some way.

There is a page on Facebook for people who are willing to commit to being a Drive-Thru Giver. Please "like" the page if you are willing to commit to give at least once per month! Remember, the more you do it, the more people's lives you will touch. Of course, you don't have to join the group to be a part, but it is a great place to share stories about giving and to show your support!

The originators of the group, Shawn and Rosie Gearhart, are committed to giving at least twice a month at a drive thru. Together, we all can make a lot of lives better.

So...are you a Drive-Thru Giver?

If you are a Drive-Thru Giver, you can download FREE printable cards to leave behind for the recipient of the give. Click here to download or print the cards!

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